Ex-AGL president Rajeev Sharma retires

Vol 23, PW 11 (09 Apr 20) News in Brief

One of India's most experienced CGD operatives is on the market for a post-retirement assignment.

Former Adani Gas (AGL) chief Rajeev Sharma, 65, retired on March 31 from his role as advisor to the chairman after 24 years in the sector. Sharma tells this report he is considering further gas sector assignments but would decide only after the lockdown.

Sharma spent 17 years with AGL's gas business, which he joined as president in 2003, the same year AGL won CGD licences for Ahmedabad and Vadodara followed by Faridabad and Khurja. AGL also won 15 areas in CGD-IX and two in CGD-IX.

Today, AGL sells 1.8m cm/d gas, almost all in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Faridabad and Khurja. Sharma also helped set up IndianOil Adani Gas (IOAGPL) in 2013, helping it win nine areas in CGD-I to CGD-VIII, followed by nine in CGD-IX and one in CGD-X.

IOAGPL now sells approximately 350,000 cm/d. Before moving to Adani, Sharma was with GAIL which he joined in 1984 as a manager.

In 1996-97 he was tasked with setting up the Delhi city gas project, which later grew into Indraprastha Gas (IGL), where he became the first managing director in 1998. Sharma returned to GAIL in 2001.