New faces for old jobs at ONGC

Vol 27, PW 10 (16 May 24) News in Brief

After the final set of ONGC officers transfers for 2024, Mumbai High, Bassein & Satellite, Mehsana and other fields have new asset managers.

On May 3 (2024), ONGC sent out a 17-page list transferring 202 officers, including scores of GMs and four EDs. Ajay Kumar Sharma, ED and former chief offshore logistics at Mumbai is now Mumbai High asset manager.

Bassein & Satellite fields boss Ravi Shankar takes over as western offshore ED when C Mathavan retires on May 31 (2024). After Shankar moves out, Subhojit Bose will be the new Bassein & Satellite fields asset manager.

Ajay Kumar Singh, an ED and the head of offshore works at Mumbai, will be chief of corporate planning in Delhi when Pavan Aggarwal retires on June 30 (2024). PN Maran, a GGM and surface manager at the Cauvery asset, takes over immediately as the asset support manager.

Allu Sridhar, a GGM and head of subsea facilities at eastern offshore field KG-DWN-98/2, will join well services in Mumbai by May 31 (2024). Himanshu Pant, a GGM and Delhi-based head of onshore pipelines, will be chief executive assistant to director production Pankaj Kumar by May 31 (2024) after Irshad Ahmad Khan moves out.

Bijay Rajeev, a GGM heading new projects at Bassein & Satellite, will from May 31 (2024) become the head of the new technology initiative group at Panvel near Mumbai. Arun Kumar Srivastava, a GGM and Mumbai project manager, was to be transferred to Assam by May 31 (2024).

He will instead remain in Mumbai as head of air logistics to avoid uprooting his children from their school. Jayamohan Nair, a GGM and Dahej plant operations head and support manager at Baroda, is promoted to Dahej plant head and will take charge when Manoj Mishra retires on June 30 (2024).

Ajay Dashore, a CGM and deputy CEO at the Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves (ISPRL), is the new head of the Mehsana asset. Devendra Trivedi, a GGM and operations head at Uran, will take over as Uran plant manager when Subhojit Bose moves out.

Debasish Mukherjee, a GGM and head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the additional charge of corporate communications, will take charge as chief CSR when AP Singh retires on August 31 (2024).