Privacy Policy

Petrowatch is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. This statement outlines our privacy and data protection policy. Your personal details will be collected and processed when you order, purchase, register, subscribe or make use of any of our products or services. When you visit any of our websites or use any of our digital applications (such as our iPhone or iPad applications) we also collect website and application usage information, which may include your reading history and any advertisements you view. This information is collected to help us:

  • Execute your order
  • Manage your registration preferences
  • Tell you about additional products and services
  • Send you renewal notifications
  • Conduct in-house research and analysis
  • Ensure our website and applications are compatible

Petrowatch does its utmost to protect your privacy and ensures your personal details are not misused, accidentally destroyed, lost or altered. Petrowatch does not share your details with other companies. All contact details of persons registering on our site are kept in-house and are not sold, distributed or shared with third parties.

If you do not wish to be contacted by Petrowatch for marketing or any other purposes please mark your privacy preference when registering.