Prabhat Singh loyalists take aim at PLNG critic

Vol 22, PW 8 (07 Feb 19) People & Policy

Petronet-LNG insiders who support company chief Prabhat Singh against accusations of corruption and bullying made by president (projects) Rajeev Agrawal have turned their guns on Agrawal accusing him of "financial misconduct."

A Petronet-LNG source alleges Agrawal took a personal rather than corporate membership of the upscale Chelmsford Club in Delhi for Rs10 lakhs ($14,000) at Petronet-LNG's expense. "Agrawal has taken the club membership on company money," he says.

"Taking individual club membership is contrary to company policy of corporate membership." Backing up this accusation is a letter from Chelmsford Club administrative officer Raman Kwatra in response to a Petronet-LNG request to transfer Agarwal's membership into the company's name.

"This is in reference to your letter dated July 4, 2018," writes Raman on July 25. "You have requested to transfer the following membership in the name of Petronet-LNG.

1) AK Chopra 2) Rajiv Agrawal. In this connection we would like to inform you that the above membership is under individual category which is not transferrable as per club rule."

Our source explains this means Agrawal’s (personal) membership is non-transferable even if he resigns, is fired, or retires from Petronet-LNG. This, he alleges, amounts to "misappropriation of company property for personal gain and theft of company property."

Last September (2018) the oil ministry set up an inquiry committee to look into Agrawal’s complaints against Singh but our Petronet-LNG source claims the committee refuted the allegations in December 2018.