ONGC drilling at 2 exp. wells on track

Vol 23, PW 11 (09 Apr 20) News in Brief

Despite the strict lockdown, ONGC explorers are confident drilling can continue at two critical exploration wells in Assam.

With only a skeleton staff on location, ONGC confirms that its Silchar-based AAFB exploratory asset will complete drilling at location BPAA inside the 703.61-sq km Cachar District PML by April 10. "The local administration permits only two vehicles at any given time," he says.

"But we have organised ourselves in such a way to ensure operations keep to the schedule." By April 7, ONGC company-owned rig E-1400-12 had drilled location BPAA to 1050 metres.

Spud on March 11, ONGC is aiming to reach 1347 metres final TD to test up-thrust Renji, lower Bhuban and sub-thrust upper Bhuban prospects. "But no testing can take place because there is no manpower," he adds.

"Our biggest challenge will be dismantling the rig before May 14." Located near a river, ONGC will struggle to dismantle the rig before water levels rise during monsoon rains.

ONGC also reports good drilling progress with well WH-1, likewise in the Cachar District PML, at location WHRAA. By April 6, 'kelly' rig E-1400-11 had reached 2719 metres depth at WH-1, still short of final TD of 4152 metres.