Sixty wells at Mumbai High South from 2001-2006

Vol 5, PW 18 (24 Oct 01) Exploration & Production

After more than two months delay and several false starts the Mumbai High South redevelopment has begun.

On 16th October ONGC's board approved the Rs5,225cr ($1.1bn) project, ending months of bitter wrangling and shadow boxing with Dr Avinash Chandra of the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons. To begin with ONGC will drill 60 wells.

This will be in the west flank (A1 layer) and crestal part (B and/or C layer). Pilot wells will be drilled in the central, multi-layer area "from available free slots and clamp-on structures, to test innovative, emerging drilling technologies." ONGC bosses are happy they have managed to keep "intact the total project scope" of 140 wells.

But not without some comments from the DGH. "In cost-benefit terms, if any activity/component of the redevelopment scheme becomes economically unattractive, (then it) may be dropped/optimised, so that, it retains its economic viability," writes Chandra to ONGC boss Subir Raha on 27th September.

Below are details of ONGC's road map for MHS redevelopment. Field Activity details Time-frame Comments MHS Drilling of 25 horizontal wells from free slots and clamp-ons addressing 'A1' in west flank and 'B' and 'C' layers of crestal area 2001-2004 Drilling of 35 horizontal wells in 'A', 'B' and 'C' layers from new platforms ZA, ZB, P-17, SJ-10 and TP-2 2002-2006 Drilling to begin from February 2002 from already approved ZA platform Geological and geophysical studies and integration of encouraging results, if any, for fine tuning the redevelopment aspects of central parts of MHS and MHN July 2001 to September 2002 (Period to be compressed, if possible) The decision on FJ-8, scheduled to be taken up in 2002 will depend on 1) local geological and geophysical studies, 2) test well drilling, or 3) side-tracking any sick well of nearby platform Project processing of bridge connected additional facilities at MHS April 2002 to April 2004 Drilling of balance 80 wells in MHS from the central part of the field 2004-2006 Geological and geophysical study results, if encouraging, will be integrated and 80-well plan will be optimised MHS and MHN Field experiments of Enhanced Oil Recovery pilot projects Mid-2002, if possible Action already begun for EOR processes with in-house institute and IFP, France and University of Calgary, Canada.

DGH will be consulted to finalise fast-track approach and firm up filed pilot tests