Sunjoy Joshi loses coal ministry posting as Joint Secretary

Vol 7, PW 21 (14 Jan 04) News in Brief

Oil ministry director exploration Sunjoy Joshi is likely to stay on an extra few months following his failure to get promoted to the coal ministry as Joint Secretary.

Joshi was promoted as Joint Secretary last March and should have moved last November. However, his 1983 IAS colleague Harbhajan Singh beat him to the post.

Joshi tells PETROWATCH he will now have to wait for a vacancy in another ministry. Shastri Bhawan gossip has it that Joshi lost the job because of Harbhajan Singhs proximity to coal minister Karia Munda, who is a senior BJP party leader.

Naik (oil minister) tried his best for Joshi but Karia Munda wanted Harbhajan Singh. Its believed Joshi could eventually replace Joint Secretary Exploration Jayant Mauskar who returns to his parent state of Meghalaya in the northeast in April.

Joshi came to the oil ministry in April 2001.