Oil ministry director Sunjoy Joshi to be promoted as JS

Vol 7, PW 14 (24 Sep 03) News in Brief

Director upstream in the oil ministry Sunjoy Joshi is in line for promotion as joint secretary in the federal government.

We learn Joshi was recently put on a panel of IAS officers due for promotion. Once promoted as joint secretary he will have to leave the oil ministry as there are no jobs for that rank now in Shastri Bhawan.

Current indications are that Joshi is one of three IAS officers selected to be joint secretary and financial advisor in the coal ministry. Of the three, one will be selected.

Since the post is of joint secretary and financial advisor, two ministries - coal and finance - will have a say in choosing the candidate. Joshi is a 1983 intake officer from Madhya Pradesh and came to the oil ministry as director in April 2001 to replace Dr AR Sihag.

His federal ministry tenure will last five years. As joint secretary Joshi will have another two-and-a-half years to work in the federal government before being posted back to his home state.