Joshi steps down as joint secretary exploration

Vol 10, PW 7 (27 Jul 06) News in Brief

Joint secretary exploration Sunjoy Joshi ends his term at the oil ministry on 31st July.

Theres no official word on who will replace him but rumour has it AK Jain, director exploration, will step into his shoes. Joshi joined the Indian Administrative Service from Madhya Pradesh in 1983 and has spent exactly five years and five months in the oil ministry, first as director exploration and then as joint secretary exploration after Jayant Mauskar.

He is believed to want to remain in Delhi for some more time to take care of pending family matters. Joshi is most likely to be sent to the oil ministrys Petroleum Conservation Research Association as executive director in place of Leena Mehendale who returns to her parent state Maharashtra.

If Joshi gets the PCRA job, he will stay there till March 2008 by which time he will have spent seven years in a federal job. After that he must return to his home state Madhya Pradesh for the mandatory three-year cooling off period.