Jain and Capoor new joint secretaries

Vol 10, PW 3 (01 Jun 06) News in Brief

Oil ministry directors AK Jain and Ravi Capoor are set to take over when two present joint secretaries go back to their parent states.

Joint secretary exploration Sunjoy Joshis extended federal service tenure ends on 31st July 2006, while joint secretary gas Ajay Tyagis five-year tenure ends sometime in August 2006. AK Jain is likely to replace Sunjoy Joshi and Ravi Capoor is set to replace Ajay Tyagi.

Earlier reports suggested a section of the ministry did not want existing directors to be promoted to joint secretary rank as they become entrenched in their jobs. Now, we are told, the ministry has taken a conscious decision to allow this to happen.

Jain and Capoor both joined the IAS in 1986, Jain from Madhya Pradesh and Capoor from Assam. Jain has another two years left in Delhi and Capoor will have a year and a half more.

Both of them should be promoted to joint secretary rank in a month or so.