AK Jain blocked for PCRA post

Vol 12, PW 6 (07 Aug 08) News in Brief

Former joint secretary AK Jain is having a hard time receiving confirmation for his appointment as head of the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA).

PETROWATCH learns the cabinet secretariat has twice rejected the oil ministry’s recommendation that Jain take up his post at the PCRA, arguing he is an arts graduate, while eligibility criteria published by the oil ministry on February 15 say graduation in engineering or science is an â€کessential’ qualification. Jain’s opponents accuse his colleagues of favouritism, saying they are trying to help a fellow bureaucrat who does not want to return to his home state after five years in Delhi.

“The PCRA is seen as a parking slot for bureaucrats who don’t want to go home,â€‌ we hear. But Jain’s supporters reject the notion that the head of PCRA needs a science background.

“Ravi Capoor (the previous ED) was a commerce graduate,â€‌ says a source. “Sam Bobb who held additional charge as ED before Capoor was an arts graduate.


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