Asian Oilfield mobilises for Cairn

Vol 23, PW 5 (16 Jan 20) News in Brief

Many complained about Cairn India's reverse auction process to shoot 2D and 3D but Asian Oilfield Services isn't complaining anymore.

Asian is mobilising crew and equipment for the Rs640cr ($90m) seismic acquisition contract for which it received the LoA on December 14 (2019) from Vedanta-owned Cairn for six onland OALP-1 blocks. At Rajasthan block RJ-ONHP-2017/3, Cairn wants 640-lkm 2D and 1000-sq km 3D.

At RJ-ONHP-2017/4, also in Rajasthan, Asian must shoot 180-lkm 2D and 640-sq km 3D. All Rajasthan seismic should be acquired within 400 days of award or by January 17 (2021).

At Cambay basin block CB-ONHP-2017/1 Cairn wants no 2D but 850-sq km 3D. At Cambay basin block CB-ONHP-2017/7 Cairn wants 150-lkm 2D and 650-sq km 3D while at Cambay onland block CB-ONHP-2017/10 Asian must shoot 1050-lkm 2D and 300-sq km 3D.

Finally at CB-ONHP-2017/4, also in the Cambay basin, Asian must shoot 95-sq km 3D. All Cambay seismic should be shot within 300 days of award or by October 9 (2020).

Asian must mobilise crew and equipment within 90 days of the LoA. In Rajasthan where terrain is flat, Asian will shoot seismic using Vibroseis technology while dynamite blasts will help in Cambay's undulating terrain and farmlands.