Oil India re-issues Rajasthan 3D tender

Vol 21, PW 3 (02 Nov 17) News in Brief

First there was controversy over its demand for digital geophones but it backed down.

Now Oil India has been forced to scrap and re-issue a tender to shoot 250-sq km Vibroseis 3D at its Jaisalmer PEL in Rajasthan because Asian Oilfield Services was the only qualified bidder. On October 26, Oil India began selling documents for the new tender with a bid deadline of November 15.

Oil India originally issued this tender end-July and accepted bids on September 26. "But only two bids were submitted," we are told, "by Asian Oilfield and a privately held company called JP Singhal." JP Singhal is part of the Barmer-headquartered Singhal Group that supplies manpower, machinery, portable cabins, bunkhouses, water and also carries out civil work.

"Singhal's bid was rejected because it failed to meet the bid evaluation criteria," we hear. "Oil India could not have opened Asian Oilfield's sole bid." Others who might apply in the fresh tender are Pangea; Geofizyka Torun; Globe Transport; Geokinetics; Belorusneft and Advent Oilfield.

All attended the pre-bid in August.

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