Anger as Oil India seismic terms change again

Vol 18, PW 4 (09 Oct 14) Exploration & Production

Oil India has failed to appease Indian bidders who accuse it of trying to exclude them from a tender to shoot 250-sq km 3D using Vibroseis equipment at its Tanot-Dandewala field in the Jaisalmer ML in Rajasthan.

On September 25, potential bidders received an email from Oil India saying the company had relaxed the criteria for minimum 3D shooting experience. Earlier Oil India wanted contractors to have shot at least 2000-sq km 3D in the past using Vibroseis equipment but now it wants only 250-sq km 3D experience.

Yet bidders are still unhappy because in the same email Oil India adds the condition that the previously acquired 3D should have a resolution of at least 56 fold. “I’ve never seen a tender with such criteria,” says a frustrated contractor.

“They’ve modified criteria after several requests but have added another weird condition just to disqualify us. But we will not just keep quiet about it, we will raise another query.

” Likely bidder Asian Oilfield wrote to Oil India on October 1 to remove the ‘foldage’ and ‘bin size’ criteria. In response, Oil India again extended the bid deadline from October 14 to October 21.

Seismic contractors feel even the new October 21 deadline will be postponed. One contractor says that given the geography of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan 56 fold experience is too high.

“In Rajasthan even 30 fold data gives good resolution,” he adds.