Oil India shows white flag to 3D bidders

Vol 20, PW 26 (21 Sep 17) News in Brief

Oil India has backed down in a dispute with angry bidders over its tender to shoot 250-sq km Vibroseis 3D in Rajasthan.

On September 11, Oil India sent out a notice extending the bid deadline from September 19 to September 26 saying tender documents would be available until September 19. Also changed are the tender terms to meet demands made by bidders at a pre-bid in Jodhpur on August 11.

In a significant concession, Oil India will now allow bidders to use conventional geophones instead of those equipped with digital sensors. Contractors now only need to have shot and processed 1000-sq km 3D in the last five years not 2000-sq km.

Oil India has also removed clause 2.7 of the bid criteria where bidders were expected to have executed a Rs40cr ($6.6m) acquisition and processing contract in the last seven years. Whoever wins will now get 90 days to mobilise against 60 days offered earlier.

Oil India has also increased the timeframe to shoot data from four to six months. Earlier expectations that Oil India would offer an optional 125-sq km extension have been reduced to 50-sq km.