Oil India wants Geofyzika Torun for Rajasthan job

Vol 18, PW 3 (25 Sep 14) Exploration & Production

Oil India might be forced to scrap and re-issue a tender to shoot 250-sq km 3D in Rajasthan because of complaints it is deliberately excluding Indian bidders.

Oil India has extended the bid deadline from July 22 to October 14 to shoot 3D using vibroseis equipment at its Tanot-Dandewala field in the Jaisalmer ML in Rajasthan├»┬╗┬┐ amid controversy over a condition that bidders should already have experience shooting a minimum 2000-sq km 3D using vibroseis equipment. “Usually state-owned companies ask the other way round,” complains one bidder.

“They need 250 to 300-sq km of experience to shoot 2000-sq km, not 2000-sq km experience to shoot 250-sq km.” No Indian company has this experience, raising concerns that Oil India wants Polish contractor Geofizyka Torun to win the contract.

Geofyzika already has vibroseis equipment in India. “We are constantly following up with Oil India,” says a bidder.

“In June we raised a query but haven’t got a response.” Some bidders also complain Oil India has demanded and accepted bid bonds worth $1.2m each, though they were only meant to be submitted seven days before the bid deadline.

Adding to the stress are two massive ongoing ONGC tenders to shoot 3D in Andhra Pradesh and Tripura. “It is pointless for Oil India to award its contract now,” adds a source.

“Anyone who wins one of the ONGC contracts won’t do the Oil India job.”