Oil India extends 3D deadline amid more protest

Vol 20, PW 25 (07 Sep 17) Exploration & Production

Oil India has extended the bid deadline in a tender to shoot and process 250-sq km Vibroseis 3D in Rajasthan amid continuing controversy over its demand that seismic be shot with digital sensors.

On August 28, Oil India announced on its website that it was extending the bid deadline from August 29 to September 19. This week Oil India is also expected to dispatch the minutes of its pre-bid held on August 11 when it heard vociferous protests against its demand for digital sensors from Russian contractor Pangea; Poland's Geofizyka Torun; Ahmedabad-based Globe Transport; US-based Geokinetics; Belarus-based Belorusneft and Gurgaon-based Advent Oilfield; and Asian Oilfield Services.

"All the bidders protested," says a source who attended. "Oil India said they'll get back to us." Oil India, he adds, argues that it wants to record seismicity or the relative frequency of earth movement at two hertz so needs digital sensors.

"But, we (bidders) told them Vibroseis will generate seismicity of seven hertz," explains a source. "Using digital sensors is unnecessary." However Oil India remained firm that it wanted digital sensors while acknowledging bidders concerns.

Advent, Pangea and Asian have all written to Oil India protesting against the demand for digital sensors alleging this would benefit a particular contractor. In our August 10 issue we reported how Geofyzika had denied that it was the contractor in question.