VP Mahawar rubbishes SRP idea as 'tall claims'

Vol 20, PW 25 (07 Sep 17) Exploration & Production

Some say he's a hopeless dreamer and ONGC chairman DK Sarraf has said he has "illusions." But ONGC's Jodhpur chief engineer production TC Dewangan is adamant he knows how to increase oil production by 2m t/y (39,000 b/d).

And he's upset nobody at ONGC is listening. Dewangan wrote an email on August 26 to Sarraf asking for an appointment to share "an innovative idea" which he said could enhance production from onshore wells across India operating on Sucker Rod Pumps (SRPs).

Copies of Dewangan's email were marked to oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan, oil secretary KD Tripathi, joint secretary (exploration) Amar Nath and DGH boss Atanu Chakraborty. "I've been writing to Sarraf since 2014," Dewangan tells this report.

"He has no time for me but I won't give up easily." Dewangan claims to have discovered a formula that he believes can increase production at 2300 ONGC wells across the country operated by SRPs that together produce 3.05m t/y (60,000 b/d) oil. He adds he can address the problem of water cut and improve the recovery factor from today's 27% to the global average of around 40%.

He says he has studied SRP operations in detail and can increase production by 2m t/y, equivalent to Rs4000cr ($660m) at today's oil prices. Dewangan has even written to the PMO.

But ONGC refutes his claims as delusional "in the absence of supporting data."