VP Mahawar next ONGC director onshore

Vol 18, PW 9 (18 Dec 14) News in Brief

VP Mahawar, executive director and head of ONGC's Tripura asset will be its next director onshore.

The PESB selected Mahawar after interviewing 13 candidates on December 17. Mahawar will replace Ashok Varma, who has been in the job since June 10, 2014 and who retires on July 31 next year.

Born on February 8, 1958, Mahawar has been Tripura asset manager since August 1, 2012. "Thank you for your good wishes," he said, when contacted.

"My immediate concern will be to introduce new technologies to revive wells which have ceased production." Mahawar, who is a driller, was picked even though ONGC chairman DK Sarraf wanted a production engineer selected.

A friendly go-getter, Mahawar is credited with increasing Tripura asset gas production from 1.2m cm/d in 2012 to 4m cm/d to feed the 726.6-MW gas-fired power station built by ONGC Tripura Power Company. PESB accepted CVs for the director onshore job till September 30.

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