Whistleblower Rajeev Agarwal sacked by P-LNG

Vol 23, PW 6 (30 Jan 20) People & Policy

Whistleblower Rajeev Agarwal's relentless campaign against Petronet-LNG chief Prabhat Singh has come back to haunt him.

This report learns Petronet-LNG issued a termination letter to president (projects) Agarwal on January 22 (2020) for allegedly leaking confidential tender information. "One of the major reasons for his termination is that he leaked confidential data related to the tender to construct the seventh tank at DAHEJ (released on August 3, 2015 ) in his letter to the PMO," confirms a company source.

"When he wrote the letter the tender process was incomplete and the award yet to happen." In his letter Agarwal included details of technical and financial bids and the company's strategy for tender award.

"He himself was a committee member of the tender process," adds our source. "Being a committee member he had a responsibility to protect the data."

Petronet-LNG blames the data leak and other reasons for its decision to eventually cancel the tender, which is still to be awarded. In the tender in question IHI emerged the only technically qualified bidder, quoting Rs640cr ($89m); L&T was disqualified because it had no experience building LNG tanks.

Another serious allegation levelled against Agarwal is that he stole documents from the HR department. "He stole note sheets from HR," we here.

"Note sheets are important documents related to any tender, they include the technical process and strategy."