India's deepest oil well dry as a bone

Vol 5, PW 24 (30 Jan 02) News in Brief

Location GK-27/1 was billed as India's deepest oil well but it has turned out to be a dry hole, to much disappointment all around.

Floater drillship 'Frontier Duchess' drilled the offshore Gujarat well to a depth of 5,715 metres, 100 metres more than target depth, by end December. "We did not find anything," reveals a source.

"Everybody was disappointed." The well was plugged and abandoned. 'Frontier Duchess' is now at Bombay High, sitting in water depth of 86 metres.

drilling well number W-29/1 for ONGC. A blow out preventor was lowered on 21st January and the target depth of 2,500 metres is likely to be reached by end February.

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