Complications hit logging at deepwater well KD-1-3

Vol 9, PW 10 (25 Aug 05) Exploration & Production

Discoverer Seven Seas encountered problems at its previous location for ONGC at well KD-1-3.

Sitting in 550 metres water, ONGC originally assigned Discoverer a TD of 3100 metres but later increased this to 4250 metres. The target was reached and ONGC received some good indications but the well could not be logged, reveals a source.

Theres a possibility of a very good find at this location. ONGC was confident KD-1-3 could open up a totally new and promising area.

But these hopes were shelved after drilling complications hit plans to log the well. There was an accident after 3300 metres when the slim hole (being drilled) deviated, adds a source.

The hole condition was very bad. But ONGC has not given up.

Theyll bring Sagar Vijay to this location to cut a window above the deviation and re-drill the well. Belford Dolphin, meanwhile, has yet to make any discovery for ONGC.

Belford is drilling at KG-DWN-98/4 where she spud well GRK-1 on 3rd June in 2650 metres water. Belford was assigned a target depth of 6000 metres but ONGC has now increased it to 6900 metres, on the basis of results of the latest VSP data.

Adds an industry source: ONGC wants to investigate some anomaly seen deeper. Belford is drilling an 8.5-inch hole and plans to drill a 6-inch hole to the new target depth.

Industry sources doubt ONGC can reach the new TD. It is very unlikely they can reach 6900 metres, says one.

Before that theyll face complications. As with its other deepwater wells, Belfords current well for ONGC shows no oil or gas.

The well has been bone dry so far. If the extended TD proves disappointing also, ONGC could move Belford to a location on KG-DWN-98/2 where she will sit in 1100 metres water depth.

The problem for ONGC is that Discoverer can be used to drill in this water depth; Belford is meant to drill in much deeper water.