Mud loss hits Oil India well at KG onland block

Vol 20, PW 9 (26 Jan 17) Exploration & Production

Oil India has run into trouble drilling a High Pressure/High Temperature (HP/HT) well YLK-1 at KG onland basin block KG-ONN-2004/1.

'Mud loss' triggered by a loose formation began when Oil India reached 1200 metres of planned 5200 metres TD after spudding the well on December 4. By January 20, a Nabor's 3000-hp rig had still only reached 1258 metres.

Oil India is now trying to stop the mud loss by cementing around the casing to reinforce the formation. "There are complications," admits a company source on January 20.

"Mud loss continues. We've tried various chemicals and drilled two sidetracks with no success.

Now we're drilling a third sidetrack." Our source adds Oil India is trying to cement the well with three plugs. If the cement sticks it will add another plug.

If not it will add two more plugs. Oil India hopes to find gas at this well, where it is targeting the Golapalli formation.

Oil India is also drilling well GLK-1 in the block's Gadilanka area. Essar's 2000-hp rig LR-3, hired at Rs12 lakh/day ($18,000) spud this well on October 8 and by January 20 had reached 2716 metres- exceeding planned 2700 metres TD.

Halliburton started logging on January 20. By end-February, Oil India also plans to hire a workover rig to test wells TLK-1, YLK-1 and GLK-1.

It previously drilled wells Dangeru-1 and BST-1. Dangeru-1 flowed 13,000 to 20,000 cm/d from four zones.