Mud loss reported at Premierآ’s well in Assam

Vol 9, PW 2 (04 May 05) News in Brief

Premier Oils first exploration well at exploration block AAP-ON-94/1 in Assam ran into problems soon after drilling began on 1st April.

There was mud loss at the 26-inch hole, reveals a source. At about 700-metres depth.

With the problem resolved, drilling resumed with a 20-inch casing at which point Premier began deviating the well at an angle of 25-degrees. A 13 3/8-inch casing followed the 20-inch casing.

Next will be the 9 5/8-inch casing. Premier hopes to finish the well with a 7-inch liner.

Premier wants to reach target depth of 4200-metres hitting the Miocene era Tipam and Barail formations sometime towards the end of May and has hired Oil Indias onland rig S-7 for this one-well job in the Phase-II minimum work programme that ends in November. In the last week of April drilling reached 1185 metres.

Premier (38%), Oil India (10%), HOEC (25%) and Indian Oil (27%) make up the consortium in this 652-sq km block.