Belford Dolphin drills Indiaآ’s deepest well for ONGC

Vol 9, PW 13 (06 Oct 05) Exploration & Production

Belford Dolphin is drilling Indias deepest well for ONGC at eastern offshore NELP-I deepwater block KG-DWN-98/4.

Belford spud well GRK-1 on 3rd June in 2650 metres water depth. She was originally assigned a target depth of 6000 metres but this was later increased to 6900 metres as ONGC wanted to examine the results of the latest VSP data, which indicated an anomaly at deeper levels.

The target depth was subsequently increased to 7150 metres as ONGC sensed a high-amplitude package at that depth. This is the deepest well ever drilled in India, says an industry source.

Last week the bit reached 7050 metres. ONGC is finishing the well with a slim hole and will not lower a casing.

Like all the others drilled so far by Belford, this well is also dry. There have been no shows at all, we hear.

The new target depth should be reached by the end of this week. Even if there are shows at the revised depth, ONGC has no plans to carry out testing.

Their plans are to do just wireline logging and finish the job. Testing will not be economical.

All indications are that after TD is reached the well will be abandoned, a process that will take about five or six days. After that ONGC and Dolphin plan to send the rig for routine overhauling and maintenance.

Belford Dolphin will move to her next drilling location in mid-October. The new location will be at KG-DWN-98/2 in water depths of about 1200 metres and target depth of about 2800 metres.

Cairn Energy, which has 10% stake in the block, wanted ONGC to use the cheaper rig Discoverer Seven Seas to drill the well. ONGC is hopeful of a discovery by Belford at the next location.

We are sure of a discovery, says an ONGC source. The data clearly indicates hydrocarbons similar to the Vashishta discoveries.

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