Belford Dolphin arrives off Mumbai on 14th November

Vol 7, PW 18 (19 Nov 03) News in Brief

Dolphin Drillings deepwater drillship Belford Dolphin arrived off the Mumbai coast on schedule on 14th November.

She is anchored 20 miles off Mumbai, reveals a source. Belford Dolphin will spud her first well on 30th November offshore Kutch, at location GKDW-CA-1 in 1862-metres water depth as directed by ONGC chairman Subir Raha.

Belford Dolphin can drill in water depths of 3,000 metres. Tools and equipment for the drilling will be loaded on board Belford Dolphin while she is anchored off Mumbai.

For instance the 36-inch casing is expected from Dubai on 19th November, while the wellheads are coming in from Singapore. Also loaded from Mumbai will be the Schlumberger logging tools.

On 27th November, Belford Dolphin will leave Mumbai for offshore Kutch and reach her drilling location on 29th November. Belford Dolphins first well will be drilled to a target depth of about 4,000 metres.

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