Discoverer Seven Seas stays in Krishna Godavari

Vol 9, PW 13 (06 Oct 05) Exploration & Production

ONGC has abandoned plans to move Transocean drillship Discoverer Seven Seas to the Mahanadi basin because of problems with the environment ministry.

Instead, Seven Seas is staying in the Krishna Godavari basin and on 24th September spud a well at NELP-I block KG-DWN-98/4 after moving there from nearby block KG-DWN-98/2, where she drilled a well that (controversially) led ONGC to announce a 6-tcf gas find. ONGC moved Seven Seas to the Mahanadi basin but couldnt begin drilling because environment minister A.

Raja was on holiday and unable to grant permission. The whole episode was a mess, ONGC tells us.

The minister was on leave and there was no clearance. At KG-DWN-98/4, Seven Seas is sitting in 780 metres water depth and has been assigned a target depth of around 4000 metres in a 60-day programme.

ONGC began with a 30-inch casing and lowered a 20-inch casing on 27th September. Next in line are a 13 3/8-inch casing followed by a 9 5/8-inch casing.

Seven Seas is drilling inclined holes to reach Cretaceous era sediments. Elsewhere, ONGC-owned Sagar Vijay has drilled a dry hole at KG-OSN-97/1.

Sagar Vijay was in 60 metres water depth, about 8-km from shore and was assigned a target depth of 1300 metres before she spud the well on 20th August. Drilling was terminated on 18th September after the bit reached a depth of 1236 metres.

Logging yielded nothing and the rig is being demobilised. In mid-October Sagar Vijay will be dry-docked for about three months at Kochi.

Before this, she will most likely spud another well, drill to about 1000 metres, cap the well and then go to Kochi. Work at the dry dock is expected to take at least six months after which Baker Hughes is likely to take over the operations and maintenance of the rig.

ONGC expects efficiency and performance to improve once Baker Hughes takes over the rig. Transocean operated Sagar Vijay before her current spell with ONGC.

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