Reliance estimates 1.7 tcf in fifth KG well

Vol 6, PW 26 (12 Mar 03) Exploration & Production

GETTING INFORMATION from Reliance about its exploration activity is proving to be a frustrating experience.

Nevertheless, details are trickling in from various sources about Reliance's latest discovery at its deepwater Block KG-DWN-98/3. This discovery was made in 1,756 metres water depth - the deepest so far in India - and constitutes a separate gas-bearing structure 10-km east of the edge of the first Reliance discovery announced in October 2002.

This was the fifth well drilled by Transocean drillship Discoverer-534 on the block, but the first of two on the second gas bearing structure. We learn this well, called 'F1', drilled to a target depth of 3,630 metres in the 'fan sands' of the block and intersected a net hydrocarbon gas pay of 33 metres in the Upper Miocene sequences.

Gas water contact was recorded at 2,592 metres. Reliance conducted two drill stem tests on the well.

The first didn't yield any fluid flows, but the second produced dry gas at 41.4m cf/d through a 60/64 inch choke at a 'surface flowing pressure' of 1,684 psig. We learn this is the highest flow rate achieved during drill stem tests on any of the wells drilled so far on this block.

However, we are told, "as in the earlier cases, flow rate was constrained due to the test string and surface piping sizes." The gas, like in the 7tcf discovery announced in October 2002, is "sweet, dry and mostly methane." Reliance estimates that this discovery: Dhirubhai-4, is a "non associated natural gas discovery of potential commercial interest with preliminary estimated in-place gas volumes of 1,700bn standard cubic feet." For more details see next story.