More details from Reliance's 5th successful KG well

Vol 6, PW 26 (12 Mar 03) Exploration & Production

RELIANCES FIFTH well at Block KG-DWN-98/3 is located at the following coordinates: latitude 16 degrees 31'15.71" north and longitude 82 degrees 47'2.58" east.

We understand reports reveals a gas gradient of between 2,555 and 2,581.4 metres at 0.084 psi per feet. The water gradient is between 2,604 and 2,729m at 0.44 psi per feet.

Additionally it seems Reliance attempted 23 "single probe modular dynamic tests" using a casing of 9 5/8-inches to 2,791m metres depth at intervals of between 2,390 and 2,729 metres. Of these, 12 were successful, seven were dry and four were "seal failures." As for the "dual packer MDT" , five intervals were tested using 9 5/8-inch casing (till 2,791 metres) at depth intervals between 2,499 and 2,572 metres.

The results: three successful tests, one showed no flow and one showed "seal failure." See below table for MDT 'dual packer' intervals. Results from Reliance's fifth KG well Depth interval (metres) Fluid shown 2,554.8 to 2,555.4 Gas 2,560.2 to 2,560.8 Gas 2,526.8 to 2,527.4 Dry test 2,499 to 2,500 Low pressure build-up/seal failure/channelling 2,571.2 to 2,572 Gas Our sources reveal the first drill stem test happened on 7th December when the well was perforated at a 'gross interval' of 2,496 to 2,511 metres.

On 11th December the second drill stem test was carried out at an interval of between 2,567 to 2582 metres. The first test showed no fluid flow but the second one showed gas flow.

In the second drill stem test, the initial flow with a 16/64-inch choke was meant to clean up the well and set up a link between the sand and the surface. We believe this was followed by 16/64-inch and 24/64-inch choke flow.

What next "A build-up was done to allow the reservoir to reach virgin pressure." It was only subsequently that the well was 'flown' using eight different choke sizes to arrive at the maximum flow rate." We learn that gas rates were recorded at 36/64-inch, 40/64-inch, 48/64-inch, 56/64-inch and 60/64-inch chokes. At the last choke size gas was seen to flow at 41.338m cf/d.

Then, a 2.7-hour build-up was carried out and a final 'shut-in' pressure of 3,866.2 psia was recorded.