Details of how ONGC plans to produce more oil

Vol 4, PW 18 (11 Oct 00) Exploration & Production

Details have emerged about exactly how ONGC plans to produce an incremental 545,000 tonnes of crude oil by the end of this financial year.

If all goes to plan, most of it will come from three fields Mumbai High (222,000 tonnes) Neelam (154,000 tonnes) Ankleshwar (46,000 tonnes) Confirmed information reveals that at the end of last month, ONGC should have released five additional locations for development drilling at Mumbai High. As Petrowatch goes to press, it is not known if this has been done, despite an order by ONGC chairman BC Bora that the timetable should be strictly adhered to.

By the end of October, ONGC is also scheduled to approve 60 additional "SDA" jobs at Mumbai High. At Neelam, ONGC hopes to begin "water shut-off" at 14 wells by December this year, and begin "artificial lift optimisation" in 22 wells by January next year.

At Ankleshwar in Gujarat, ONGC should have released development locations G-445 and G-447 and increased gas injection in GS-12 from 184,000 cm/d in four wells to 400,000 cm/d in eight wells by end-September. Again, it is not known if this has happened.

Drastic measures have been called for to halt a decline in production at Ahmedabad. On 5th September, during a meeting with seven 'task force' heads, Bora called for extensive use of "artificial lift optimisation" to improve production efficiency at Ahmedabad and politely suggested that senior ONGC managers should get out and visit sites more often to get first hand knowledge of problems on the ground.