Hug an ONGC director if you want a promotion

Vol 21, PW 13 (05 Apr 18) People & Policy

ONGC middle managers are growing increasingly demoralised as it becomes clear the only way to win promotions is to be close to Board directors, not hard work and competence.

Many have been grumbling since February when ONGC released a list of promotions from deputy general manager to general manager, backdated to January 1. Only 204 deputy general managers featured on the list even though the HR department had invited as many as 1143 for interview at ONGC locations across the country between September and December 2017.

Worse, of the 204 on the list, 88 retire this year so won't get to serve in the role of general manager. Especially upset are 488 candidates who became deputy general managers back in 2013 and have been hopelessly waiting for further promotion since then.

Only four among this batch made the 2018 promotion list: one from production and three from geology. Sources allege that of the 116 candidates who were promoted this year and who are not retiring, more than 20% work in directors' offices.

"Being close to directors is the most important criterion for promotions," complains a source. "Not competence or merit." He adds this is why most ONGC managers single-mindedly strive towards getting into the "management support group" of any director.

"It's a guaranteed ticket to unearned promotions, foreign trips and many other benefits," we hear.

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