Mid-April ONGC senior transfers

Vol 27, PW 7 (04 Apr 24) News in Brief

ONGC is set to announce its 'firm' list of annual senior transfers by April 8 (2024).

In the past, ONGC first released a 'tentative' transfers list and then a 'firm' list. But this time, it will only release a 'firm' list in line with chairman Arun Singh's new directive to prevent well-connected staff from trying to reverse or defer their transfers.

Expect the maximum number of moves to Mumbai in line with stricter rules that all staff must spend time offshore if they want to move up the ONGC career ladder. On January 13 (2024), the Management Committee of Directors (MCoD) announced that offshore experience was a non-negotiable prerequisite for promotions.

"In view of the merger of onshore and offshore operations," said the order from Dehradun-based HR general manager Vaskar Kumar Barai, "the MCoD has directed that going forward, an executive, before being considered for E7 level promotion (chief general manager), as far as possible, should have had a minimum offshore exposure of three years for disciplines under director production and director technical and field services." Speculation has already begun about who will move and where.

For example, there's talk that Uran plant executive director Subhojit Bose might replace Mumbai High asset manager and Green Energy head SK Mazumder and that Mazumder might move to Delhi. But many in the core E&P operations fear losing out on transfers they hope for, especially if stuck in remote or offshore locations.

By contrast, others in HR or similar admin departments benefit from plum postings to desired locations. "(Chairman) Singh might be saying ONGC must focus more on E&P and have more discoveries," says a source.

"But when it comes to taking care of key transfers, they are always ignored."