Oilex wants four (4) more wells at Cambay

Vol 18, PW 12 (12 Feb 15) News in Brief

Oilex is hoping JV partner GSPC will agree to drill up to four additional development wells at the Cambay field next fiscal beginning April 1, 2015 as it prepares to begin first commercial gas production after almost 20 years.

“In the original work programme we committed one ‘firm’ well (77-H) and four contingent (‘to mature’) wells,” Oilex tells us. “One, two, three or all four of those contingent wells might now move into the ‘firm’ category.

All depends on OC and MC approval.” Oilex says the four wells will ‘firm up’ block reserves and replicate fracking and completion techniques used at well Cambay-77H which flow tested 2.03m cf/d over 24 hours in November 2014.

“Only when we get more wells online,” adds Oilex, “will we be able to predict future production levels.” Oilex announced on January 19, 2015 oil ministry approval to sell gas from Cambay-77H, Cambay-73, and Bhandut-3 on a ‘best endeavour basis’ paving the way for first production before June 2015.