Oilex planning possible ten wells at Cambay next year

Vol 10, PW 14 (02 Nov 06) Exploration & Production

Oilex is considering an ambitious exploration programme of between eight to ten wells beginning next year at the Cambay field in Gujarat, where it is operator with 45%.

Nothing is yet firm, and the detailed programme is still subject to approval by joint venture partner Gujarat State Petroleum, which holds 55%, and the Management Committee, which includes the DGH. Oilex confidence in the fields potential is reflected in promising results from wells Cambay-72 and Cambay-71 drilled back-to-back in September, and the imminent results of a blanket 160-sq km 3D survey of the field that began last month (October).

Oilex is keen to get the results of this 3D survey, says a source. It should show up several sections that have not been drilled.

Oilex believes the 3D survey shot by Torun Geofyzika will be completed by the end of this month (November) and that processed data will be ready for interpretation by January 2007. Old 2D of variable quality from ONGC is available for the Cambay field but Oilex only managed to see it on the day it spud the first well, Cambay-72, on 11th September! Last month Oilex said drilling of Cambay-72 had reached TD of 1762 metres on 25th September revealing, possible hydrocarbon-bearing sandstones at the level of the primary Oligocene and secondary Miocene and Eocene objectives.

Adds Oilex: Data from all intervals are now the subject of detailed evaluation in preparation for the testing programme. Oilex is preparing a testing programme for joint venture and Management Committee approval that should be ready within two weeks.

Another priority is to secure a jack-up through tender to re-enter Cambay-71, which it spud on 29th September, four days after completing Cambay-72, reaching TD of 1600 metres on 8th October. Essar is back in the market with eight rigs, we hear.

This should ease the pressure for a while. Oilex wants to drill beyond 1600 metres at Cambay-71 to Eocene objectives, which its quarterly report on 30th September describes as highly prospective.

But for this it needs GSPC and MC approval.

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