Oilex prepares to drill at Cambay

Vol 11, PW 15 (15 Nov 07) News in Brief

Oilex of Australia is likely to drill “more than 10 wellsâ€‌ at the Cambay block in Gujarat where it is operator with 45%.

“Joint venture approval is there only for six wells just now,â€‌ Oilex tells us. “But when the results start coming in we will release other locations.

â€‌ Oilex and partner GSPC (55%) are waiting for the arrival of a new onland rig imported from the US by Indian contractor Dewanchand Ramsaran, which it expects to mobilise to the location of the first well Cambay-23Z within the next “three to five weeksâ€‌ once it clear customs in Mumbai. Oilex has contracted the Dewanchand rig for nine months - with an option to extend the contract if required – and is confident it can drill the first six wells in this time.

All six wells are targeting Oligocene and Eocene gas prospects. “They will all be appraisal wells with an exploration component,â€‌ adds Oilex.

Earlier this year Oilex completed a blanket 160-sq km 3D survey of the block and drilled two wells: Cambay-71 and Cambay-72.