HOEC in Cambay

Vol 14, PW 13 (16 Dec 10) News in Brief

HOEC wants to “unlock the potential of its Cambay assets”, inspired by the success of Australian explorer Oilex.

Under consideration is a drilling programme using one onland rig that will move between its producing Pramoda discoveries at CB-ON/7 (Palej) south of Vadodara and its smaller Asjol and North Balol fields north of Ahmedabad. HOEC is interested in shale gas extraction technology of the sort applied by Oilex at its Cambay field, which resulted in a steep hike of the field’s estimated in-place reserve.

“HOEC’s programme is still on the drawing board,” we hear. “But the company is open to any new technology ideas and is ruling nothing out.

” HOEC has equity in four Cambay blocks but is operator at three: Pramoda and the smaller South Pramoda satellite fields, which together produce 280 b/d; Asjol, which produces 20 b/d; and North Balol, which last year averaged 39,000 cm/d, down 6% on the year before. “More wells are planned at the Pramoda satellite fields,” we hear.

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