Pearl for Oilex

Vol 14, PW 14 (13 Jan 11) News in Brief

Oilex is expected to hire 2000-hp onland rig Black Pearl from Dubai-based Black Pearl Services to begin drilling its one ‘firm’ and four ‘optional’ well programme this month at the Cambay onland block in Gujarat, which it shares with GSPC.

PETROWATCH learns Pearl is being offered at around $30,000/day and “seems the most suitable rig” as it has been in Gujarat since June 2010 drilling her third and last well at the Palej field. Poland’s POGC Nafta is offering a rig located in Karaikal while John Energy is offering a rig which is finishing its contract in Algeria.

Tuff Drilling is offering a rig sitting idle at the Heramec-operated Kanawara field, near Cambay. Oilex wants to drill its Cambay wells to the Eocene ‘Pay-4’ corresponding to the Kalol–IX and X formations at depths up to 2150-metres.

Oilex should take 30 days to drill the first well and 15 days to carry out ‘extended well testing’ to decide on the optional wells.

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