Aban Offshore upgrades Aban Pearl

Vol 11, PW 19 (07 Feb 08) News in Brief

Chennai-based Indian driller Aban Offshore has changed its mind about semi-submersible Aban Pearl and wants to send it to a Malaysian or Middle East shipyard for a full and thorough upgrade.

Last month Aban offered Aban Pearl in an ONGC tender for a floater and was about to send the rig only for a routine â€کclass certification’ and not an upgrade, which would have taken much longer than the 180-day mobilisation demanded by ONGC. “We are finalising what kind of an upgrade should be carried out,â€‌ an Aban source told this report this week.

“But we are sticking to the originally designed capability of the rig. In another four days or so we’ll decide on either Malaysia or the Middle East.

â€‌ Formerly known as Bulford Dolphin, Aban Offshore bought Aban Pearl last October from Fred Olsen of Norway for $211m. Capable of drilling in water depths of 1250-feet, Aban Pearl is now crossing the seas off Angola on its way to Cape Town in South Africa.

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