Jubilant plans 13-well programme from October

Vol 10, PW 3 (01 Jun 06) Exploration & Production

Jubilant Enpro is gearing up for an ambitious 13-well exploration campaign across three onland NELP-IV blocks where it is operator.

From October this year drilling is set to begin at the 680-sq km Cauvery onland block CY-ONN-2002/1 in Tamil Nadu where Jubilant has committed three wells. Drilling is also scheduled to begin simultaneously at the 125-sq km Cambay onland block CB-ONN-2002/2 in Gujarat where it has committed seven wells.

Drilling at Jubilants 1680-sq km block AA-ONN-2002/1 in Tripura - three wells is likely to be delayed till next year because of problems beyond the companys control: local insurgency that prevented completion of a 200-km 2D survey by seismic contractor Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII). Jubilant tells us GII could acquire only 53-km 2D against the committed 200-km and that the Israeli company couldnt promise to complete the job post-monsoon because of other commitments outside India.

GII has already started moving out its equipment, we hear. Drilling in Tripura can begin only late this year or early next year.

Jubilant hopes results from the 53-km shot so far and evaluation of 300-km old 2D from ONGC will be enough to identify a drilling location if it cant acquire the balance seismic in time. No such uncertainty faces Jubilant in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, where Polands Torun Geofysika has completed 3D seismic acquisition 20 days ahead of time.

Torun shot 280-sq km 3D at CY-ONN-2002/1 and 75-sq km at CB-ONN-2002/2 (across both Parts A and B). Processing is over and interpretation of data from both blocks will be complete by end-July, paving the way for drilling.

Which block is the most prospective Its too early to pick a favourite, replies Jubilant. They are all equally promising.

Our Cauvery block is in a proven petroleum basin and near ONGCs producing Bhuvanagiri field. Essar made a discovery near Part A of our Cambay block and the discovered Bechraji field is near Part B.

In Tripura there are several beautiful structures and ONGC is already producing extensively. In Tripura Jubilant has already honed in on entrapment conditions in the Atharmura and Tulamara anticlines and the Dholai and Khowai synclines.