Four more wells planned to appraise discovery

Vol 10, PW 3 (01 Jun 06) Exploration & Production

Buoyed by the success of its fifth well, Focus Energy has already begun planning another four exploration wells at RJ-ON/6.

We wont be bound by the Minimum Work Programme, says Focus. Well drill as many wells as needed to appraise and delineate the discovery.

Drilling is still underway at successful well SGL-1 and by the 87th day of drilling on 30th May the bit had reached a depth of 3304 metres. Target depth is 4000 metres to the Baisakhi and Badashar formation, which Focus hopes to reach in another two months.

By July this year Focus hopes to begin its 70-sq km 3D survey on the most prospective part of the block and a seismic crew is now being mobilised on site. Focus is currently in Phase-II of the exploration period on this pre-NELP block, which was awarded in 1998 during the sixth bidding round.

Phase-I ended in August 2005 and three exploration wells were committed to the Mesozoic level. The drilling meterage committed in Phase-I was about 4600 metres but we have drilled 9000 metres, says Focus.

In addition, 580-km of 2D seismic was also shot. Phase-II ends in September 2006 and four exploration wells were committed each to a depth of between 1000 metres and 1500 metres (Mesozoic level).

Focus is likely to ask for an extension to Phase-II and will most likely receive one because of its discovery. Of the four wells drilled so far on the block by Focus Energy, the first and second showed gas, while the third and fourth were dry.

The first well was drilled to 2000 metres and the second one went deeper and recorded gas shows at between 3500 and 4000 metres. The second well had good gas shows, adds Focus.

We couldnt test it because of operational problems and the well was cased. But the discovery of gas at a shallower zone in the fifth well makes both the first and second wells interesting, In the next two months Focus plans to re-enter the second well and carry out a cased drill stem test.