Focus Energy discovers gas on Pakistan border

Vol 10, PW 3 (01 Jun 06) Exploration & Production

Rajasthan is set to confirm its emergence as a major oil and gas producing province of India.

At around 3pm on Wednesday 24th May, privately-owned Indian company Focus Energy alerted the DGH to a significant gas discovery at its RJ-ON/6 block on the border with Pakistan. Focus later announced that on 22nd May - two days earlier - it had carried out an open hole drill stem test over a three metre interval at a depth of 3161 metres at its fifth exploration well SGL-1 on the block.

Gas flowed to surface at 15m cf/d through a 48/64-inch choke at a tubing head pressure of 900-psi. We are very excited about this, Focus tells this report.

We expected a gas show at this depth but not this kind of pressure and flow rates. This was not the main target for our geologists.

Adds Focus: The gas contains 88% to 91% hydrocarbon content of which most is methane. Expectations are high within Focus that the discovery could result in a 6-tcf find.

Yet until more drilling and testing is carried out, this figure is pure speculation. Still, the blocks proximity to a major oil-producing province in Pakistan gives Focus enormous confidence about the potential of its discovery.

Our block is a stones throw from P2 reserves of 26-tcf in Pakistan, says Anil Agarwal, vice-chairman and part-owner of Focus Energy. We have geologists working for us who have worked on the Pakistan side.

Talking to PETROWATCH, Agarwal excitedly refers to several producing Pakistani gasfields near the discovery at RJ-ON/6: Sawan (2.5-tcf), Mianao (1-tcf), Kalanwari (2.5-tcf), Rhemat (0.4-tcf), Mari (8-tcf), Qadipur (5-tcf) and the jewel of Pakistans oil and gas industry: Sui (14-tcf). DGH officials are privately excited about the discovery.

Focus has spent its own money on this block, said a senior source. It shows that if you take the risk you can find oil in India.