GXT ultra deepwater survey almost complete

Vol 10, PW 3 (01 Jun 06) Exploration & Production

Houston-based GX Technology has completed approximately half its 12,000-km IndiaSpan speculative 2D survey of ultra deepwater areas off Indias east and west coasts.

PETROWATCH learns that by 19th May seismic vessel M.V Geosearcher contracted to GXT by SCAN Geophysical of Norway - had shot approximately 6500-km of Long Offset data using one 10-km cable.

Some 3500-km has been shot on the west coast and 3000-km has been shot on the east coast. M.

V Geosearcher is acquiring data at an approximate rate of 150-km per day and is presently in the Mahanadi offshore where it has completed data lines E-1800, E-1700 and E-1600 from west to east. As we go to press Geosearcher is reported to have begun shooting data line E-1500 from where it will steadily move south towards the Krishna Godavari basin and on to the Cauvery basin.

Also completed is line E-400 north-to-south from the Mahanadi basin to the northern coast off Sri Lanka. M.

V Geosearcher has already completed 2D seismic acquisition in the Kutch and Saurashtra basins off Indias northwest coast. All that remains to be shot on the west coast is data off the Mumbai Offshore and Kerala Konkan basins as well as data off the southern tip of India.

Everything depends on the localised weather conditions and the monsoon, we hear. If the weather is bad this might delay the survey.

DGH officials are confident they can begin uploading seismic stack data from the survey onto the DGH website by the middle of June at the latest, despite the absence of key government clearances, which are expected imminently. Processing is going on simultaneously in Houston, we hear.

Data will go up on the internet as it comes in. There wont be any lack of data.

GXTs deal with the DGH lays open the possibility of acquiring an additional 1574-km 2D by extending data lines E-1600 to E-900 further into the deep waters of the Krishna Godavari. This is likely to be one of the issues discussed when DGH boss VK Sibal visits GXT in Houston for a strategy meeting.