CB Singh replaces Mohanty in the oil ministry

Vol 8, PW 9 (28 Jul 04) News in Brief

July was transfer season in the oil ministry.

After oil secretary BK Chaturvedi and additional secretary and financial advisor Badal Kumar Das, another senior official has been transferred. On 14th July, joint financial advisor B Mohanty was moved to the steel ministry as additional financial advisor.

Mohantys transfer follows that of Badal Kumar Das - his oil ministry boss. Its understood that newly appointed oil secretary SC Tripathi tried his best to retain Mohanty for longer, believing that transferring both Das and Mohanty at the same time would disrupt the continuity of work in the oil ministry.

Mohantys successor is CB Singh, who joined the Indian Economic Service in 1986. Mohanty was closely associated with the deregulation of the domestic retail oil sector during his five years in the oil ministry.

He was also involved in (aborted) efforts to partially privatise state-owned oil companies Hindustan and Bharat Petroleum.