VK Sibal is still frontrunner to head the DGH

Vol 8, PW 9 (28 Jul 04) News in Brief

Oil India director personnel VK Sibal is still the frontrunner for the prestigious job of Director General of the DGH.

In second place is Dr Mithilesh Prasad, CEO of Hindustan Petroleum upstream subsidiary Prize Petroleum. Prasads name had to be put in because traditionally the panel always has at least two names, an oil ministry source tells us.

But he stands little chance. Both names are now awaiting anti-corruption clearance by the Central Vigilance Commission.

Normally the CVC takes 40 days to clear the candidates, reveals a source. But its been about a month now.

Then the names will go to the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet with suggestions from oil minister Mani Shankar Aiyar. In theory, Aiyar can change the order of shortlisted candidates or even scrap the panel but this is rarely done.

Former minister oil minister Ram Naik once tried but failed to change the order of names for the chairman of Engineers India.

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