Subhash Batra and RK Goel to join PNGRB

Vol 16, PW 6 (04 Oct 12) News in Brief

Retired judge Subhash Batra is poised to become the new PNGRB member legal after routine CVC and CBI background clearances come through.

He was the only candidate shortlisted for the role, vacated by YPC Dangay on July 31. Batra’s file will be forwarded to the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) once he gets the all clear from the CVC and CBI. Meanwhile, former GAIL director finance RK Goel and former oil ministry adviser Dr.

BB Mohanty have been short-listed for the member distribution role. Goel is ranked first so is likely to get the job, vacated by Sudha Mahalingam on July 3.

No CVC or CBI background checks are being carried out on Mohanty as government rules are clear that fresh CVC checks are not required for government employees who have retired less than a year ago. Mohanty retired only two months ago, in August.

Appointed members can remain at the PNGRB for five years, or until they reach 65, whichever comes first.