As Sarraf goes Kakran heads to Jorhat

Vol 20, PW 26 (21 Sep 17) News in Brief

After several twists and turns, Sanjeev Kakran is finally taking charge as ONGC's Jorhat asset manager in early October, soon after his boss and chairman DK Sarraf retires on September 30.

Current asset manager Vijay Bhushan is expected to step down on September 21. "Bhushan will spend a few days in Delhi before moving to Ankleshwar as well services head," reports a Jorhat source.

"Kakran's job will be to boost morale, start work from day-one, and build a rapport with the new basin manager (Hari Lal)." After RK Vij's retirement on May 31, Bhushan was chosen as asset manager beginning June 9. Days later the order was overturned and Kakran, better known as Sarraf's personal assistant, was appointed.

But Kakran did not report for duty on July 1, as expected, and Bhushan continued in the role. Moving from ONGC's corporate office in Delhi to sleepy Jorhat might be a shock for Kakran but at least he has somewhere to go when Sarraf retires.

Jorhat might also help him forget allegations of irregularities haunting him from when he was based at Tomsk in Siberia with Imperial Energy.

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