Low morale and uncertainty at ONGC in Jorhat

Vol 20, PW 22 (27 Jul 17) People & Policy

More changes are underway at ONGC's Jorhat Asset, adding to an atmosphere of uncertainty that is hitting staff morale.

Basin manager and executive director M. Ayyadurai, charged with exploration, moves to Mumbai in August replaced by Hari Lal, a group general manager in Dehradun.

"He (Lal) does not have enough field experience," worries a source. Already confusion has set in following the surprise decision to overturn Vijay Bhushan's formal June 9 appointment as asset manager in favour of Sanjeev Kakran, an assistant to chairman DK Sarraf.

Kakran didn't take charge as expected on July 1 and is now expected in October after Sarraf steps down. Nobody will share exact production figures but insiders hint all is not well at the Jorhat asset.

"Exploration is good in upper Assam (under the Assam Asset at Nazira) and Tripura," adds a source. "But for Jorhat production please ask the people in charge." Bhushan, who heads to Ankleshwar in October, was dismissive when contacted by this report.

"Ask Kakran (about production) when he takes over!" he barked. Some point to the hyped Sufaiyam oil discovery last year, declared in March 2017, which has failed to meet expectations.

"We thought Sufaiyam and Dayalpur would together produce 100 cm/d (630 b/d) but that hasn't happened," adds a source. ONGC director onshore VP Mahawar, quoted on March 10, declared "reserve accretion of 10m tonnes" at both locations.