Sanjeev Kakran to be ONGC Assam asset manager

Vol 22, PW 20 (25 Jul 19) People & Policy

ONGC executive director Sanjeev Kakran is poised to introduce his perfectionist approach to the Nazira-based ASSAM ASSET where he takes charge on August 1 - one of four significant leadership changes at ONGC in the northeast.

Kakran moves to Nazira from Jorhat, which he has headed since November 21, 2018, replacing Nazira boss SD Maske who retires on July 31, 2019. Kakran is replaced at Jorhat by his second in command Vijay Gokhale, a surface manager in charge of production.

ONGC officers at Nazira are bracing themselves for Kakran's signature attention to detail, different to mild-mannered Maske. "He's meticulous and expects the same from staff," we hear.

One source, relieved Kakran is moving from Jorhat, claims he pays too much attention to little things. Example: which way should you hand a teacup to a left-handed person? Another Jorhat colleague is more positive.

"I liked the structural changes he brought to our work culture," he says. "Discipline is essential - we have deadlines.

I'd have liked a longer association with him." But can Kakran match the people skills of Maske, who prevented protests by unions? "Dealing with people in and outside ONGC will be Kakran's principle challenge," adds a Nazira source.

"This requires the right attitude and approach." Another major challenge will be to increase manpower and capacity at the Nazira asset so ONGC can meet its stiff drilling and production targets.