Cairn receives EoIs for OBC reprocessing

Vol 17, PW 22 (19 Jun 14) News in Brief

CGGVeritas, WesternGeco and PGS are among those who sent EoIs by May 21 to Cairn India to reprocess 280-sq km of Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) 3D shot at Ravva in water depths between 5 and 45 metres.

“It’s been a long time since an OBC assignment has been awarded in India,” says a bidder. “ONGC shot OBC 3D in 1998 and 2004.

" Another bidder estimates this contract will not cost more than $1m as the data volume is small. “OBC seismic is suddenly becoming popular in the Asia-Pacific region," he says.

"We've begun receiving more enquiries.” Yet another source says many companies - including some from China - can process OBC seismic.

“With traditional OBC seismic data is recorded by a hydrophone and a geophone," we hear. "The expertise lies in merging these two data sets to get a unified picture for interpretation.

” Cairn wants the assignment to begin this month (June).