Reliance set to add a gas well at MA oilfield

Vol 17, PW 8 (14 Nov 13) Exploration & Production

Reliance and partners BP and Niko Resources are making progress in the battle to arrest declining gas production at their 49.71-sq km MA oilfield, ring-fenced within the KG-D6 gasfield off Andhra Pradesh.

It won't be long before Reliance adds one more well to the four wells producing oil and gas at MA. PETROWATCH learns Reliance is preparing to carry out production testing at development well MA-8, drilled using Transocean drillship DD-KG2.

Reliance spud well MA-8 in water depths of 1175 metres on September 12 and will drill it to 5218 metres TD, according to a DGH source. By November 8, Reliance had drilled MA-8 to 4763 metres.

Reliance is simultaneously preparing to complete the well. "Reliance is targeting to do both lower and upper completion by December," adds the DGH.

"We believe it will be done by January." After completion, Reliance will clean the well before flowing it.

"Reliance will know how much gas MA-8 can produce only after the flow is stabilised for a few days," adds an industry source. After MA-8 is completed and hooked up, Reliance plans to workover oil wells MA-6H and MA-7H, shut-in since last year, to convert them into gas producers.

Reliance is aiming to produce an additional 3.5m cm/d from MA-8, MA-6H and MA-7H on top of the 2.8m cm/d presently being produced at MA by the middle or end of the next financial year (2014-2015).